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Definitions for Type C and Type CE Respirators

The definitions below were obtained from the NIOSH Certified Equipment List, which is available on the NIOSH Web site (

Type C Respirator:An airline respirator, for entry into and escape from atmospheres not immediately dangerous to life or health, which consists of a source of respirable breathing air, a hose, a detachable coupling, a control valve, orifice, a demand valve or pressure demand valve, and arrangement for attaching the hose to the wearer and a facepiece, hood, or helmet.

Type CE Respirator: A Type C supplied-air respirator equipped with additional devices designed to protect the wearer’s head and neck against impact and abrasion from rebounding abrasive material, and with shielding material such as plastic, glass, woven wire, sheet metal, or other suitable material to protect the window(s) of facepieces, hoods, and helmets which do not unduly interfere with the wearer’s vision and permit easy access to the external surface of such window(s) for cleaning.

Page last reviewed: October 18, 2018