Other Motor Vehicle Safety Resources

CDC National Center for Injury Prevention and Control
Offers resources to prevent crashes in the general population.

Bureau of Labor Statistics: Injuries, Illnesses, and Fatalities
Compiles the most complete count of U.S. work-related deaths. Fatal work-related crash data by industry and occupation. Access Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries data tables.

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
Works to prevent large truck and bus crashes — and to build a nationwide commitment to safety.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
Works to save lives, prevent injuries, and reduce crashes.

National Transportation Safety Board
Publishes an annual list of 10 Most Wanted Safety Recommendations based on investigations, technical expertise, and policy knowledge. Conducts in-depth investigations of selected motor vehicle crashes and makes recommendations for high-priority safety initiatives to government, industry, and other parties.

Bureau of Transportation Statistics
Offers comprehensive U.S. transportation statistics for all modes of transportation.

Federal Highway Administration
Provides information on the U.S. highway infrastructure, safety initiatives, regulations, environmental stewardship, and congestion mitigation.

Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices
Contains Federal regulations for operation and set-up of temporary traffic control zones, including highway work zones and emergency situations.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration: Motor Vehicle Safety
Supplies information on safety standards, vehicle-related hazards, and partnerships to reduce workplace crashes.

United States Department of State: Driving and Road Safety Abroad
Learn about driving conditions and traffic laws before you travel abroad.

United States Fire Administration
Features information on vehicle safety for emergency responders.

University Transportation Centers Program
Dedicated to transportation research through innovating safe, efficient, and environmentally sound technologies.

AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety
Identifies traffic safety problems, fosters research to seek solutions, and disseminates educational materials.

American Society of Safety Professionals
Offers resources and opportunities for safety professionals through its Transportation Practice Specialty.

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety
Features vehicle crash test results and a wide variety of educational materials on traffic safety. Offers useful state-by-state comparisons of traffic safety laws.

National Safety Council
Partners with businesses, government agencies, elected officials, and the public to save lives at home, at work, and on the road.

Network of Employers for Traffic Safety
Employer-led public/private partnership preventing crashes that occur on and off the job.

Transportation Research Board
Engages government, industry, and academia in promoting research, policy studies, and information-sharing. TRB’s mission encompasses all aspects and modes of transportation.

University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute
Research results from an interdisciplinary center with expertise in large-truck safety, human factors, engineering, public policy, and data collection and analysis. Access UMTRI publications.

Virginia Tech Transportation Institute
An academic research center with strong expertise in naturalistic driving studies of passenger vehicles and trucks, sustainable transport, “smart infrastructure,” and transport policy.

Association for Safe International Road Travel
Offers road travel reports for 150 countries, enabling business travelers to make informed travel decisions. Provides a list of road safety concerns in many countries and some best practices implemented in some of those countries.

Governors Highway Safety Association
Provides information on state laws covering cell phone use, construction zones, and seat belts.

Health and Safety Executive (UK)
Offers facts and recommendations on work related road safety. Provides several case studies useful for the review or development of occupational road safety policy and procedure.

National Work Zone Safety Information Clearinghouse
Features information for government, industry, and the public to promote the safe and effective operation of highway work zones.

Texas Transportation Institute (Texas A & M University)
Engaged in research, development, and technology transfer related to all transportation modes.

University of North Carolina Highway Safety Research Center
Places special emphasis on alcohol studies, novice drivers and graduated licensing, pedestrian and bicycle safety, and highway safety information systems.