Mining Workshop: Diesel Emissions Control Technologies in Metal/Nonmetal Mines

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Cincinnati, Ohio: February 27, 2003, Salt Lake City, Utah: March 4, 2003

Sponsored by NIOSH. The following documents are available for downloading:

Diesel Particulate Matter Exposure of Underground Metal and Nonmetal Miners
William Pomroy, MSHA

Overview of Diesel Emissions Control Technologies Available to Underground Mining Industry
Aleksandar Bugarski, NIOSH

Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs) in Underground Mining

DEEP-sponsored long-term evaluation of the DPFs at Noranda's Brunswick Mining and Smelting Mine
Sean McGinn, McGinn Integration, Inc.

DEEP-sponsored long-term evaluation of the DPFs at INCO's Stobie Mine
Jozef Stachulak, INCO Ltd.

DPFs in U. S. underground coal mines
Steve 'Skinner' Forbush, Canyon Fuel Co.

Emissions Assisted Maintenance

Maintenance of Heavy-Duty Underground Mining Diesel-Powered Equipment
Sean McGinn

Maintenance of Heavy-Duty Diesel-Powered Equipment Using Emissions Data
Steve 'Skinner' Forbush

Strategy for Selection of Diesel Particulate Filters
George Schnakenberg
, NIOSH, Jim Angel, MSHA

Diesel Emissions Control Strategy at INCO
Jozef Stachulak (Salt Lake City)

Notes of comments and questions during presentations and discussion forum:

Cincinnati Notes | Salt Lake City Notes


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