Mining Feature: NIOSH at SME 2019

Thursday, February 21, 2019

NIOSH Exhibit and Technical Sessions

NIOSH will showcase a number of its latest products in mine safety and health research at the 2019 Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration (SME) Annual Conference and Expo Feb. 24-27 in Denver.

Find us at Booth #911 to learn about our software, technology, and guidelines, including:

  • EXAMiner - a software for trainers to teach workers how and where to identify hazards in their workplace
  • FAST - a software program that supports a field-based approach to monitor respirable crystalline silica and end-of-shift analysis
  • Slip, Trip, and Fall Prevention - a collection of the many resources, infographics, and best practices NIOSH has produced on everything from ladder safety and choosing a grated metal walkway, to illumination, cap lamps, and work boots
  • Remote Monitoring Technology - a project to improve safety around conveyors and related stationary equipment

Don’t miss our researchers and scientists as they present their findings on a range of safety and health topics. See schedule below for details.

Monday, February 25th

Room/Time Session/Presentation
Room 711 Coal & Energy: Best of Ground Control
2:25 pm Analysis of Gateroad Stability at Two Longwall Mines Based on Field Monitoring Results and Numerical Model Analysis
Essie Esterhuizen, Ted Klemetti, Heather Dougherty & Mark Van Dyke
Room 704 Coal & Energy: Dust Control I
2:25 pm Field Comparison of Roof Bolter Dry and Wet Collection Systems for Dust Control
W. Randy Reed & Michael Shahan
3:25 pm The Design of a Laboratory Apparatus to Simulate the Dust Generated by Longwall Shield Advances
Michael Shahan & W. Randy Reed
Room 610 Mining & Exploration and Health and Safety: The Digital Journey: Cross Cutting Innovation and Technology that Impact H&S
3:45 pm The Economic Burden of Fatal Occupational Injuries to Miners in the United States – Fatalities Cost in Mining
John Heberger
Capitol 1 Room NORA Sector Council Members Meeting
4:30–6:00 pm Hyatt Regency Denver at Colorado Convention Center

Tuesday, February 26th

Room/Time Session/Presentation
Room 503 Mining & Exploration: Geosciences: Underground Mine Geotechnical I
9:05 am Photogrammetric Validation of RMR and Q-system Rock Mass Quality Assessment Comparison
Sean Warren
9:25 am Interpreting Backfill QA/QC Test Data – Do We Need an International Standard?
Joseph Seymour
Room 704 Coal & Energy: Innovations in Underground Coal Mining
9:05 am Analysis and Characterization of Treated Rock Dust to Prevent Coal Dust Explosions
I. Eranda Perera
10:35 am An Experimental Study of the Effect of Mesh on Magnetic Proximity Detection Systems (PDSs)
Chenming Zhou, Jacob Carr & Miguel Reyes
Room 706 Coal & Energy: Coal Mine Safety & Health I
9:25 am An Analysis of Mining Injuries Involving Machinery and Powered Haulage from 2008 Through 2017 and Recommendations for Future Mining Machine Safety Research
Jacob Carr, Miguel Reyes & RJ Matetic
10:05 am Shielding Material Comparison for Electromagnetic Interference Mitigation for Air Pump of Personal Dust Monitor
Jingcheng Li, Jacob Carr & Chenming Zhou
10:45 am A Comparison of Treated vs. Non-Treated Rock Dust in Large-Scale Dust Explosion Tests
Marcia Harris
Room 610 Health & Safety: Disruptive, Virtual, and Augmented Reality: The 4th Industrial Revolution
9:25 am Developing a VR Environment for Mining Research
Jennica Bellanca & Timothy Orr
9:45 am If the Technology Fits: An Evaluation of Mobile Proximity Detection Systems in Underground Coal Mines
LaTasha Swanson & Jennica Bellanca
11:25 am Mining Asset Development for Virtual Reality
Timothy Orr & Jennica Bellanca
Room 106 Industrial Minerals & Aggregates: Digitization, Automation & Control Strategies, PART II: Processing and Applications
10:25 am Intelligent Monitoring System for Improved Worker Safety During Plant Operation and Maintenance
David Parks
Room 505 Mining & Exploration: Operations: Blasting I
10:45 am Comparison of PFC2D Modeled Damage and the Practical Damage Limits from Drift Blast Design Software
Stephen Iverson
Room 708 Coal & Energy: Research and Development I
2:05 pm A Case Study of Roof Support Alternatives for Deep Cover Room-and-Pillar Retreat Mining Using In-situ Monitoring and Numerical Modeling
Gamal Rashed, Morgan Sears & Khaled Mohamed
2:25 pm Loading Characteristics of Mechanical Rib Bolts
Khaled Mohamed
3:05 pm Behavior of Full Scale Welded Wire Screen for Large Mine Roof Skin Falls
Timothy Batchler & Ted Klemetti
Room 503 Mining & Exploration: Geosciences: Underground Mine Geotechnical II
2:05 pm Identifying Loose Ground and Unfavorable Structures in Underground Workings Using Thermal, Multispectral, and Hyperspectral Imagery
Stephen Iverson
3:45 pm Interpreting Entry Stability and Geologic Hazards Utilizing Borescopes
Mark Van Dyke
4:05 pm Localized Seismic Velocity Reduction Associated with Induced Seismicity in a Deep Narrow-Vein Mine
Kathryn Dehn
Room 706 Coal & Energy: Automation Innovation and Current Developments
2:45 pm Mineworkers Perspectives on Mobile Proximity Detection Systems
Jennica Bellanca & LaTasha Swanson
3:05 pm Feedback Control of Magnetic Proximity Detection Systems Used in Underground Coal Mines
Jingcheng Li & Jacob Carr
Room 112 Mining History
3:25 pm The Founders of the American Institute for Mining Engineers – 1871
George Luxbacher
Room 610 Health & Safety: Compliance is Not Enough! Safety Culture Transformation
3:45 pm The Role of Supervisory Support in Fostering a Positive Safety Culture That Enhances Workers’ Performance
Emily Haas

Wednesday, February 27th

Room/Time Session/Presentation
Room 708 Coal & Energy: Research and Development II
9:05 am Evaluating Performance of Real Time DPM Monitors for Quantifying Airborne EC and OC
Vaibhav Raj & David Parks
9:25 am Infrared Spectroscopy for Quantifying Diesel Particulate Matter
David Parks
9:45 am Full-Panel Screen Testing: More Realistic but What Changes?
Ted Klemetti & Timothy Batchler
Room 605 Health & Safety: Industry Discussion of Practices to Understand and Improve Miner Health
9:05 am A Mine-Level Leading Indicator of Interstitial Lung Diseases: Findings from 20 Years of MSHA Data
Susan Moore, Cara Halldin & David Blackley
9:25 am Inventive Methods for Evaluating the Translation of Hand-Arm Vibration to the Ear Canal in Miners – A Pilot Study
Weston DuBose & Gerald Poplin
10:05 am Patterns of Heat Strain Among a Sample of U.S. Miners
Kristin Yeoman
Room 704 Coal & Energy: Dust Control II
9:05 am Roof Bolter Canopy Air Curtain Effects on Airflow and Dust Dispersion in an Entry Using Blowing Curtain Ventilation – A Computational Fluid Dynamics Evaluation
David Zheng, W. Randy Reed & Michael Shahan
9:25 am Reducing Shuttle Car Operator Dust Exposure by Improving Continuous Miner Blowing Face Ventilation Parameters
Scott Klima
9:45 am Assessment of a Two-Component Foamed Rock Dust
Connor Brown, I. Eranda Perera & Marcia Harris
10:25 am Evaluation of PDM Sample Tube Cleaning Techniques and Particle Re-Entrainment from Sample Tube Manipulation and Pinching and PDM Inversion
Steven Mischler
Room 610 Health & Safety: Emergency Management and Response Planning
10:05 am Examining Trends in Individual Risk Factors: Organizational Approaches to Emergency Management
Emily Haas
Room 707 Coal & Energy: Coal Mine Health & Safety II
10:45 am Monitoring Gases in Remote and Access Challenged Areas of Underground Mines
David Snyder & George Luxbacher
Room 702 Coal & Energy: A Review of Refuge Chambers in Underground Coal
2:05 pm Cryogenic Air Supplies for Cooling Built-in-Place Refuge Alternatives in Hot Mines
David Yantek, Miguel Reyes & Joseph Bickson
2:25 pm Effect of Ventilation System Configuration on Purging of Harmful Gases In a Built-in-Place Refuge Alternative with a Borehole Air Supply
Joseph Bickson, David Yantek & Miguel Reyes
2:45 pm NIOSH Research Toward the Implementation of Refuge Alternatives in Underground Coal Mines
Miguel Reyes & David Yantek
3:05 pm Considerations for Blast Survivability of Built-in-Place Refuge Alternative Stoppings and Doors
David Yantek
Room 610 Health & Safety: National Occupational Research Agenda and the Future of Miners’ Health
2:05 pm Coal Workers’ Pneumoconiosis in the United States
David Blackley & Cara Halldin
3:05 pm Non-Chargeable Mining Deaths – A Window into Miner Health
George Luxbacher, Jessica Kogel & Gerald Poplin
3:45 pm The NIOSH Mining Program’s New Strategic Plan
Lisa Steiner
4:05 pm An Update to the NIOSH Miner Health Program
Gerald Poplin, Todd Ruff & Jessica Kogel
Room 708 Coal & Energy: Research and Development III
2:45 pm Use of Nearby Weather Data to Predict Changes in Underground Mine Gas Conditions
Heather Dougherty
Room 706 Coal & Energy: Coal Mine Health & Safety III
3:05 pm Oxygen Delivery System for Closed-Circuit Escape Respirators
Rohan Fernando
Room 110 Industrial Minerals & Aggregates: Health and Safety in Industrial Mineral and Aggregate Operations
3:05 pm Evaluation of Post-Blast Re-Entry Times Based on Gas Monitoring of Return Air
Davood Bahrami
3:25 pm Improving Accuracy of Helmet-CAM Dust Measurements with the Establishment of Correction Factors for Industrial Mineral Dusts
Justin Patts
4:05 pm

Quantification of the Effects of Carbon on Filter Media in SKC DPM Cassettes on Measurements of Diesel Particulate Matter in Underground Mines
James Noll

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