12/5/2017 Rock Dust Partnership Action Items

Rock dust toxicity

  • HELD will develop additional data to support a manuscript discussing the results and findings of the rock dust toxicity work.
  • PMRD and HELD will meet, discuss, and agree upon the next steps necessary for determining what additional studies are required by January, 2018.
  • A comprehensive article will be submitted to a relevant journal by December, 2018

Treated rock dust

  • A manuscript detailing the results of the large-scale tests at the Experimental Mine Barbara will be written in 2018. The manuscript will be distributed to the Partnership for review and comment by April, 2018.
  • Develop a business case model for the deployment of treated rock dust in underground mine workings. PMRD requests assistance from the Partnership for cost differential of dusts and experience with dust regarding pros/cons of usage by March, 2018.
  • NIOSH will begin efforts to conduct additional large-scale testing at the Experimental Mine Barbara. These tests will examine the performance of treated and untreated rock dusts that are interbedded with layers of coal dust. Additional tests will examine the impact of rock dust layering where the dusts have been wetted and then dried. A protocol outlining the proposed testing will be distributed to the Partnership by April, 2018.

Engineered rock dust

  • Based upon responses from the Partnership, no future effort will be conducted in this area.
  • PMRD will author a manuscript summarizing the findings of this effort by Feb., 2018.

Foamed rock dust

  • Continue testing of the 2-part foam dust mixture to improve application. Testing will be conducted in the PMRD experimental mines and completed by July, 2018
  • Assess other rock dust size distributions (i.e. from other manufacturers/suppliers) with the 2-part foam formulation in the dust dispersion chamber by March, 2018.
  • PMRD will explore additional large-scale inerting assessments of foamed rock dust vs. our reference rock dust. An underground evaluation will be conducted by Sept., 2018, but will depend greatly on our ability to improve the application process.
  • We request Partnership assistance to create opportunities for this underground evaluation.


Next meeting tentatively planned for 4th quarter - 2018

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