Rock Dust Partnership

Keywords: Rock dusting

Photo of in-mine test of hydrophobic rock dust dispersibilityThis partnership addresses issues about using rock dust to prevent coal dust explosions.

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Recent updates

Large-scale testing of a foamed rock dust applied wet and allowed to dry was conducted at the Central Mining Institute in Poland in 2019. Due to COVID-19 related issues, a final report of results has been delayed, but will be completed in the coming months.

Due to COVID-19 related concerns, site access to laboratories has been severely limited and efforts to establish the dust dispersion chamber as a NIOSH standard method are on hold. Testing will resume once regular access is permitted.

Recent outputs

Publication: Comparative cytotoxicity of respirable surface-treated/untreated calcium carbonate rock dust particles in vitro

Final Summary Report: Large-scale Dust Explosions: Treated vs. Non-treated Rock Dust

Publication: Design and development of a rock dust dispersion chamber to quantify the dispersibility of rock dust 

Publication: Particle size and surface effects on explosibility using a 20-L chamber

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