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Banner image for miner health partnershipA partnership between the NIOSH Mining Program, MSHA, unions, academia, and labor and trade groups to share information concerning miner health.

The Miner Health Program was established as a systematic and long-term effort to understand and improve the health and well-being of all miners through focused integration of research, transfer of findings, evaluation, and community engagement. NIOSH research is largely driven by the needs of our stakeholders, since they are the primary users of our research. Our stakeholders are diverse, and each stakeholder group has unique perspectives and interests when it comes to worker health and safety.

NIOSH relies on several methods for gathering stakeholder input. One highly effective method involves forming partnerships with multiple stakeholders to learn from their diverse perspectives on complex topics.

The goals of the partnership are as follows:

  • Provide a forum for discussing health and safety concerns, research gaps, and technologically and economically feasible technical direction with respect to chronic and emerging health, well-being and exposure issues.
  • Provide a forum for industry, manufacturers, academia, and others to present their research, system development, testing, and implementation activities and
  • Provide a forum for review, evaluation and discussion of specific technical and scientific questions and methodologies.
  • Provide a forum for the exchange of the scientific findings on the implementation of control strategies and best practices.

The purpose of the partnership is not to carry out negotiated rulemaking, nor to function as a federal advisory committee.

The partnership will operate with the following principles:

  • Use the latest and best available scientific methods and procedures in the accomplishment of the work.
  • Work closely, openly, and in a spirit of cooperation with all organizations.

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