Mining Feature: 2022 Spring Meeting of the Miner Health Partnership

Thursday, March 10, 2022

Miner Health Partnership meeting bannerThe 2022 Spring meeting of the NIOSH Miner Health Partnership was held on March 10.


10:00am - 11:30 PST




5 min

Introduction & Salutations

Mr. Alex Johnson
Dr. Jerry Poplin
Dr. Eric Lutz

15 min

Discuss Mission & Objectives

  • Eric Lutz’s Summary of partner feedback
  • Concept: Developing a methodology for strategic standardization of mining industry operational best practices for miner health

Dr. Eric Lutz

30 min

Laurentian University Presentation on Mental Health and Wellbeing Among Canadian Miners

  • Initial Q&A (10 min)

Dr. Michel Larivière

Dr. Zsuzsanna Kerekes 

20 min

Facilitated Discussion on Partners Greatest Challenges in Behavioral Health and Psychosocial Risk Factors

Breakout Session

5 min

Newsletter; Next Meeting

Mr. Alex Johnson

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