Study Syllabus for Classification of Radiographs of Pneumoconioses

Radiograph Classification

Subset 1

Section 2: Parenchymal Abnormalities (Continued)

Radiograph #6

Radiograph 6A – Normal
Radiograph 6B – 1/1 s/s
Radiograph 6C – 2/2 s/s
Radiograph 6D – 3/3 s/s

Radiograph #7

Radiograph 7A – Normal
Radiograph 7B – 1/1 t/t
Radiograph 7C – 2/2 t/r
Radiograph 7D – 3/3 t/s

Radiograph #8

Radiograph 8A is normal
Radiograph 8B demonstrates the range of profusion of u opacities using the prior ILO analog standard
Radiograph 8C shows good examples of u/u opacities at profusion 2/2 in the Left Upper Zone (LUZ), and r/u at 2/2 in the RUZ.

Radiograph #9 demonstrates the continuum of minor categories of profusion from 1/1 through 3/+ for small opacity r. (Note that the distinction between minor categories 0/1 and 1/0 is not illustrated here. This is a somewhat difficult task and will be the subject of Subset 4.)

Radiograph #9

Radiograph 9A r/r 1/1
Radiograph 9B is r/r 2/2
Radiograph 9C demonstrates r/r 3/3 in the right lung, r/r 3/+ in the left lung, note there is an example of a category A opacity right upper zone and coalescence of small opacities (ax symbol) in the LUZ.

Radiograph #10

Radiograph 10 was removed from the syllabus.