Health Hazard Evaluations (HHEs)

Each month we will update this page to highlight newly released final reports and information on new and emerging hazards we are evaluating. Check back often to see what we are up to!

What's New

Evaluation of Occupational Exposures to Illicit Drugs at Controlled Substances Laboratories
Finding detectable levels of illicit drugs in the air, on surfaces, and on hands in controlled substances laboratories, HHE Program investigators recommended changing workplace practices that potentially increase exposure risks, creating a more effective respiratory protection program, and training employees on protocols to improve employee safety. Find the full report here: icon

Evaluation of Low Back Pain and Duty Equipment Wear Configurations in Police Officers
Finding that nearly half of all officers in a police department reported low back pain in the previous 3 months, HHE Program investigators recommended developing a policy that clearly states what duty equipment is required versus what is optional, and providing officers with examples of different equipment wear configurations.  Find the full report here: icon

2018 Health Hazard Evaluation Program Annual Report
The NIOSH Health Hazard Evaluation (HHE) Program is pleased to share its 2018 annual report. Our report includes summaries of projects that were interesting and other highlights of our year. We hope the report stimulates conversations about who the HHE Program is and how we make a difference for the health and safety of employees throughout the United States. The annual report is available here: icon

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