Health Hazard Evaluations (HHEs)

Occupational Medicine Rotation

The HHE Program offers occupational medicine residents an opportunity to engage in public health practice. Through on-site investigations, medical evaluations, exposure assessments, and office consultations, the HHE Program gives you the opportunity to evaluate workplace health hazards, talk with employees and employers, and gain new knowledge first hand! Rotations are scheduled for a one month period. The program is open to applicants from U.S.-based, American Council on Graduate Medical Education (ACGME)-accredited residency programs.

We are currently booked through 2019 and will not be accepting applicants for 2020 until further notice.

  • To involve you in the various phases of worksite evaluations
  • To broaden your scope of expertise in occupational safety and health
  • To provide you experience in the role of NIOSH occupational safety and health professionals

The Resident Rotator curriculum meets the core competencies in preventive and occupational medicine of the American Council of Graduate Medical Education. To address these core competencies, we have developed brief training modules dealing with topics such as occupational lung diseases, skin disorders, and noise-induced hearing loss. Using examples from actual workplace evaluations, the modules focus on how the HHE Program approaches, assesses, and evaluates these important issues.

Every effort will be made for you to accompany an HHE team on a worksite evaluation during the rotation. You will function as a member of the medical team and may be involved in study design, survey and questionnaire design, confidential medical interviews of employees, medical record reviews, data analysis, and report writing. You will also research various occupational health topics to respond to public inquiries.

In addition to the other activities, you will choose a specific topic related to an ongoing HHE or other NIOSH project. You will review and summarize the relevant scientific literature and present your findings to our staff at the end of the rotation. If you participated in a field investigation, you will include a brief summary of your experience and summarize the available qualitative or quantitative findings.

To learn more about our Occupational Medicine Rotation or secure your spot in our rotation schedule email us at or contact one of our rotation programs managers:

Judi Eisenberg, MD, MS
Director, Occupational Medicine Rotation Program, 513-841-4468

Sophia Chiu, MD, MPH
Assistant Director, Occupational Medicine Rotation Program, 513-841-4289

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Page last reviewed: September 28, 2018