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Testimonials and Success Stories: HHE

Testimonials and Success Stories

After a final report is issued, we have a conference call with employer and employee representatives. In these calls, we learn If recommendations from the Health Hazard Evaluation Final Report have been implemented, feedback to improve our investigations, and the impact of our investigations on that facility. Here are some highlights from recent calls:

Gas pipeline maintenance company:

  • expressed favorable impressions of how the HHE was conducted
  • said the report was responsive to employee concerns and was clear, understandable, and contained all of the necessary information
  • improved communication has developed over the course of the HHE
  • the HHE helped reduce union and employee concerns

An excavating company:

  • appreciated the recommendations in final report
  • reported positive improvements from NIOSH’s coming in to evaluate health and safety concerns
  • have evidence of an improved safety climate from a survey of the workforce done by the National Safety Council
  • felt the NIOSH HHE has helped to increase worker safety

A medical examiner’s office:

  • moved evidence intake based on recommendations and said no one had been experiencing any problems with the ventilation since the move
  • the HHE recommendations were proving to be good
  • the HHE is producing positive outcomes to their workplace concerns

A cemetery and arboretum:

  • said the HHE was a learning process; it was very eye-opening regarding potential hazards internment operations presented to their workers
  • identified a number of changes that they had made or were pursuing since the HHE
  • the HHE identified additional criteria and features they are using in the selection process for replacement equipment
  • final report was thorough, clear, and very informative