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New NIOSH Occupational Medicine Rotation Application Process

NIOSH staff conducting wipe sampling to measure a fire fighter’s exposure to soot

NIOSH staff conducting wipe sampling to measure a firefighter’s exposure to soot

doctor seated at table with a nurse

Hospital nurse undergoing puncture skin testing for sensitivity to a new high-level disinfectant

Rotation Application Materials

  • All rotation applications should be submitted via email to between July 1, 2023 – September 1, 2023
  • All applicants must submit:
    • Applicant’s basic contact information
    • Preferred three 2-week rotation blocks (during January–September) in ranked order. Each block must:
      • Start on a Monday of the first week and end on the Friday of the following week
      • Not include any federal holidays
      • Not include any dates in October, November, or December
    • Name of applicant’s residency program and program director along with their contact information
    • Statement of residency program director’s approval in either .doc or .pdf file format
      • This statement from the program director should affirm that the applicant is/will be a resident in their program during the year the rotation is being requested. The statement should also indicate that the applicant has the program director’s permission to complete the rotation in any of the 2-week intervals that applicant has listed as being their preferred times.
    • Applicant’s CV
    • Applicant’s statement of interest (300 word maximum) This statement should address how the NIOSH Occupational Medicine Rotation will complement your previous training and experience in occupational medicine, and/or discuss how this rotation will help you achieve your career goals following completion of your residency.