NIOSH Certified Equipment List as of October 1, 1987

October 1987
DHHS (NIOSH) Publication Number 88-107
88-107 Cover

Commercial personal protective devices and industrial hazard measuring instruments certified by NIOSH as of October 1, 1986, were listed. The publication also contained information about the certified coal mine dust personal sampler units and respirators, updated the list of approval applications, and listed some of the more common cautions and limitations for specific respirator classes. Certification information was provided for self contained breathing apparatus for entry into and escape and for escape only situations; for gas masks useful against ammonia (7664417), chlorine (7782505), sulfur-dioxide (7446095), acid gases, organic vapors, carbon-monoxide (630080), pesticides and other gases and vapors; for various types of supplied air respirators; for particulate respirators involved in single use situations, dusts and mists, fumes, and high efficiency types; for chemical cartridges effective against ammonia, methylamines, chlorine, hydrogen-chloride (7647010), sulfur-dioxide, organic vapor, paints, lacquers, enamels, pesticides, vinyl-chloride (75014), and other gases and vapors; and powered air purifiers. The names and addresses of manufacturers and distributors were provided.