Review and Evaluation of Recent Literature: Occupational Exposure to Sulfuric Acid

June 1981
DHHS (NIOSH) Publication Number 82-104
82-104 Cover

Information on the effects of sulfuric-acid (7664939) exposure is presented. The results of human and laboratory animal exposure studies are summarized along with data on environmental and workplace sulfuric-acid concentrations. Industrial uses of the chemical sulfuric-acid concentrations. Industrial uses of the chemical also are discussed together with methods of exposure control. Sampling and analytical procedures are described, and recommended exposure limits in various countries are included. The author concludes that the current American Federal standard of 1 milligram per cubic meter of sulfuric-acid is not adequate to protect exposed workers from respiratory disease. Additional research is recommended to determine the effects of long term exposure, the effects of other environmental factors on sulfuric- acid toxicity, and the effects of combined exposure to sulfuric-acid and other contaminants.

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