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Engineering-Related Technologies


October 2003
DHHS (NIOSH) Publication Number 2004-101
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Potentially Applicable Checklists

Program Name

Architectural Engineering Technician
Automotive Technology/Technician
Computer Maintenance Technician
Computer Technology/Technician
Electrical/Electronic Engineering Technician
Electromechanical Technology/Technician
Mechanical Design Technology/Technician
Mechanical Engineering Technician
Plastics Technology/Technician

Program Information
Program Information
Checklist Need? Priority Date Given Date Returned
Accident Prevention Signs and Tags Yes
Personal Protective Equipment Yes
Abrasive Wheel Machinery and Tools (for programs that use fixed and portable abrasive wheels)
Air Pollution Control (for programs that release any pollutants into the air)
Air Receivers for Compressed Gas (for programs that have an air receiver for compressed gas)
Asbestos During Brake and Clutch Service Work (for programs which perform asbestos brake and clutch service work)
Compressed Gases (for programs that use compressed gas cylinders)
Control of Hazardous Energy Sources (for programs that need to lock or tagout potential energy sources such as electrical equipment prior to maintenance or repair activities)
Dip Tanks Contining Flammable or Combustible Liquids (for programs that use dip tanks with flammable or combustible liquids)
Electrical Safety Work Practices (for programs that have a risk of electrical shock)
Electrical Work Practices for Construction (for any electrical work at construction sites)
Fall Protection–Part 1 (for any construction sites)
Fall Protection–Part 2 (for any construction sites)
Fall Protection–Part 3 (for any construction sites)
Fire Protection and Prevention for Construction (for any work at construction sites)
Flammable and Combustible Liquids (for programs which use flammable and combustible liquids)
General Safety and Health Provisions for Construction (for any construction sites)
Hazardous Waste (for programs that might generate hazardous waste)
Jacks and Hoists (for programs that use jacks or hoists)
Machines–General Requirements (for any machinery and tools, including fans)
Mechanical Power-Transmission Apparatus (for programs with fixed power-driven machinery)
Noise (Occupational) (for programs which generate high noise levels in the classroom by using noisy equipment)
Noise, Radiation, and Other Exposures for Construction (for any construction sites)
Personal Protection for Electrical Work(for programs that have a risk of electrical shock)
Portable Hand and Power Tools (for programs that use hand and power tools)
Portable Ladders for Construction (for any ladders used at construction sites)
Respiratory Protection (for programs that use respirators to protect against inhaling harmful atmospheres)
Scaffolding–Part 1 (for any scaffolding used at construction sites or for painting and repairs)
Scaffolding–Part 2 (for any scaffolding used at construction sites or for painting and repairs)
Servicing Appliances Which Contain Refrigerant (for programs that perform any work on any appliance or unit that contain refrigerant)
Servicing and Repair of Motor Vehicle Air Conditioners (MVACs) (for programs that service MVACs)
Servicing Multi-Piece Rims (for programs servicing rims on large vehicles–not automobiles)
Slings–General Requirements (for programs that use any sligns)
Slings–Natural Rope, Synthetic Rope, and Synthetic Web (for programs that use these types of slings)
Slings–Steel Chain, Wire Rope, and Metal Mesh (for programs that use these types of slings)
Spray Finishing (for any programs that do spray finishing using flammable or combustible liquids)
Toxic and Hazardous Substance Exposure(for programs where there may be excessive airborne exposure)
Underground Storage Tanks (UST) (for programs that have a UST)
Welding, Cutting, and Brazing–General Requirements (for programs that perform any welding, cutting, or brazing)
Welding and Cutting with Oxygen-Fuel Gas (for programs that perform welding or cutting with oxygen-fuel gas)
Welding with Arc Welding Equipment (for programs that perform arc welding)
Welding with Resistance Welding Equipment (for programs that perform resistance welding)
Woodworking Machinery–General Requirements (for programs that use woodworking machinery)
Woodworking Machinery–Saws (for programs that use saws)
Woodworking Machinery–Other Than Saws(for programs that use woodworking machinery other than saws)