Beryllium Sensitization


March 2008
NIOSH Docket Number 120

NIOSH has an ongoing program of research on beryllium-related health effects. One of the major goals of this research is to prevent sensitization and chronic beryllium disease (CBD) by developing a better understanding of the exposure factors and work processes associated with increased risk for workers, and to develop effective interventions that will reduce the risk for adverse health effects. NIOSH also conducts genetic research on sensitization and CBD.

Final Document

NIOSH Alert: Preventing Sensitization and Disease from Beryllium Exposure; 2/1/11 [PDF – 21,661 KB]

Materials Under Evaluation

Draft NIOSH Alert, Preventing Chronic Beryllium Disease and Beryllium Sensitization; 02/01/08 [PDF – 6,146 KB]

Notice of Draft Document Available for Public Comment; 73 FR 12179; 03/06/08 [PDF – 534 KB]

Peer Review Comments

Peer Reviewers’ Comments – posted December 31, 2009 [PDF – 46 KB]

Response to Peer Reviewers’ Comments – posted December 31, 2009 [PDF – 31 KB]

Response to public comments – posted December 31, 2009 [PDF – 9,538 KB]

Submissions in order of receipt

Exhibit 1 – Submission from Welch (CPWR: Center for Construction Research and Training) – 3/11/08 [PDF – 505 KB]

Exhibit 2 – Submission from Hobbs (USEC) – 4/10/08 [PDF – 223 KB]

Exhibit 3 – Submission from Breysse (Division of Environmental Health Engineering, Department of Environmental Health Sciences) – 4/11/08 [PDF – 249 KB]

Exhibit 4 – Submission from private person (1) – 5/05/08 [PDF – 652 KB]

Exhibit 5 – Submission from Woodside (NGK Metals Corporation) – 5/07/08 [PDF – 676 KB]

Exhibit 6 – Submission from Agrawal (AJJER LLC) – 5/12/08 [PDF – 4,188 KB]

Exhibit 7 – Submission from Arnett (Copper and Brass Fabricators Council, Inc.) – 5/12/08 [PDF – 795 KB]

Exhibit 8 – Submission from Wambach (Department of Energy) – 5/12/08 [PDF – 1,658 KB]

Exhibit 9 – Submission from Warner (Caldera Pharmaceuticals, Inc.) – 5/12/08 [PDF – 3,784 KB]

Exhibit 10 – Submission from Vandyke (National Jewish Medical and Research Center) – 5/12/08 [PDF – 2,209 KB]

Exhibit 11 – Submission from Jahn (Savannah River Site) – 5/12/08 [PDF – 27 KB]

Exhibit 12 – Submission from Weeks (Los Alamos National Laboratory) – 5/12/08 [PDF – 14 KB]

Exhibit 13 – Submission from private person (2) – 5/12/08 [PDF – 42 KB]

Exhibit 14 – Submission from private person (3) – 5/12/08 [PDF – 69 KB]

Exhibit 15 – Submission from Kolanz (Brush Wellman Inc.) – 5/12/08 [PDF – 22,322 KB]

Exhibit 16 – Submission from Gildersleeve (NGK Metals Corporation) – 05/30/08 [PDF – 137 KB]

Peer Review

Title: NIOSH Alert: Preventing Beryllium Sensitization and Chronic Beryllium Disease

Subject: The nature of the lung disease and other health effects that can occur from exposure to beryllium and beryllium-containing materials, and steps companies and workers should take to minimize the health risk to workers.

Purpose: To help raise awareness of strategies to prevent beryllium sensitization and chronic beryllium disease.

Timing of Review: March 2004 to April 2007

Primary Disciplines or Expertise Needed for Review: Occupational safety and health, Epidemiology, Industrial hygiene, Respiratory diseases

Type of Review: Individual

Number of Reviewers: 7

Reviewers Selected by: NIOSH

Public Nominations Requested for Review Panel: No

Opportunities for the Public to Comment: No

Peer Reviewers Provided with Public Comments Before Their Review: No

Peer Reviewers:

Mark R. Cullen, MD
Director, Public Health, Yale University School of Medicine
Areas of Expertise: Medicine, respiratory diseases, epidemiology
Recommended by: NIOSH

Terry Gordon, PhD
Professor and Deputy Director – NYU’s NIEHS Center of Excellence, NYU School of Medicine
Areas of Expertise: Animal studies, respiratory diseases
Recommended by: NIOSH

Peter Infante, PhD
Director, Office of Standards Review, OSHA
Areas of Expertise: Epidemiology
Recommended by: NIOSH

Lisa A. Maier, MD
Director, NJMRC Occupational & Environmental Pulmonary Medicine Practice; and Director, Division of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences Core Clinical Laboratory, National Jewish Medical and Research Center
Areas of Expertise: Medicine, respiratory diseases
Recommended by: NIOSH

David Michaels, PhD
Professor and Associate Chair of Environmental and Occupational Health, George Washington University Medical Center
Areas of Expertise: Epidemiology
Recommended by: NIOSH

Wayne T. Sanderson, PhD
University of Iowa
Areas of Expertise: Epidemiology, occupational safety and health, industrial hygiene
Recommended by: NIOSH

Tim Takaro, MD
University of Washington
Areas of Expertise: Medicine, occupational safety and health, respiratory diseases
Recommended by: NIOSH

Charge to Peer Reviewers:

Letter to reviewers comprised a paragraph describing the Alert’s intent and contents, followed by:

“Because of your (familiarity with occupational lung disease due to exposure to beryllium/ experience in occupational safety and health, especially with respect to beryllium exposure/ interest in workplace safety and health issues, especially related to beryllium exposure/ familiarity with beryllium and its current uses in industry), I am writing to request your review and comments regarding the enclosed draft of the Alert. Please share this document with others in your organization who can provide substantive comments. This document should not be cited, quoted, or further distributed outside of your organization.”