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Highway Work Zones

April 2011
NIOSH Docket Number 045

NIOSH sought public comments on the draft document, "Building Safer Highway Work Zones: Measures to Prevent Worker Injuries from Vehicles and Equipment." The draft document synthesizes current work zone safety research and practice with information obtained at a workshop sponsored by NIOSH December 2—4, 1998, and attended by 50 representatives from labor, industry, government, and academia. Individuals provided NIOSH with comments regarding the technical and scientific aspects of the document.

Material Under Consideration

Notice; 64 FR 48653 Draft document "Building Safer Highway Work Zones: Measures to Prevent Worker Injuries from Vehicles and Equipment"; request for comments; 9/7/99 [PDF - 1,034 KB]

Submissions in order of receipt

Submission from Stephanie Pratt, David Fosbroke and Suzanne Kisner (NIOSH/DSR); 7/27/99 [PDF - 5,058 KB]

Submission from James Patterson (Hilb, Rogal and Hamilton Company of Denver); 9/2/99 [PDF - 1,575 KB]

Submission from Craig Hughes (Cedar Valley Corporation); 9/7/99 [PDF - 3,849 KB]

Submission from James Andrews (Southern Illinois Builders Association); 9/8/99 [PDF - 2,411 KB]

Submission from Jack Kolberg (Northern Improvement Company); 9/10/99 [PDF - 3,344 KB]

Submission from Curt Peterson (Associated General Contractors on North Dakota); 9/10/99 [PDF - 1,442 KB]

Submission from Gregory Zigulis (The University of Tennessee, Knoxville); 9/13/99 [PDF - 3,200 KB]

Submission from Janice Comer Bradley (ISEA); 9/13/99 [PDF - 540 KB]

Submission from Michael Shelly (Hypower); 9/15/99 [PDF - 2,770 KB]

Submission from Richard Moore (Lehman-Roberts Company); 9/20/99 [PDF - 2,652 KB]

Submission from Brian Deery (The Associated General Contractors of America); 9/21/99 [PDF - 1,406 KB]

Submission from Russell Swanson (OSHA); 9/21/99 [PDF - 2,270 KB]

Submission from Larry Liberatore (National Safety Council); 9/23/99 [PDF - 1,678 KB]