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Construction workers and employers build our roads, houses, and workplaces and repair and maintain our nation’s physical infrastructure. For a sense of where construction stands by the numbers, read more here. Construction worksites are organizationally complex multi-employer sites and present numerous health and safety challenges. The NIOSH Construction Program provides national and world leadership to prevent work-related illness, injury, disability, and death by systematically gathering information, conducting targeted scientific research, and translating the knowledge gained into products, solutions and services tailored to meet construction needs. In collaboration with industry and labor partners and stakeholders, including OSHA, we are dedicated to improving safety and health conditions for all construction workers.

man on ladder

Incorrect extension ladder set-up angle is a major factor in falls and injuries. The American Ladder Institute promotes National Ladder Safety Month to keep everyone safe on ladders at work and home. Keep yourself and your employees safe by downloading and using NIOSH’s Ladder Safety App today!

Man on a roof

This safety officer thinks fall protection is achievable

man in a house being constructed

Fall protection allows his men to go home at the end of the day

man checking a harness

Las Caídas Cuestan; La Historia de un “Safety Man”

man sitting in an office

The owner of a residential framing company designs safety into each of his job sites.

man climbing on a roof frame

A construction framer talks about protecting his crew from falls.

man working on a roof

Trabajador de la construcción

Trabajador de la construcción se protege de las caídas de techo

Construction worker cartoon

Trabajador de la construcción

Trabajador de la construcción se protege de las caídas de techo

Power Drill 100 dBA graphic of worker using power drill and wearing hearing protection

Buy Quiet Construction video

man using a nail gun on construction site

Know Your Nailer: Nail Gun Safety

Las clavadoras automáticas que disparan repetidamente

Conozca su clavadora

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