National Construction Agenda

The NORA Construction Sector Council finalized this version of the National Construction Agenda after considering public comments on the previous draft.

The National Construction Agenda consists of fifteen strategic goals designed to address ten “top problems” over the decade. There are seven goals related to specific types of occupational injuries and illnesses and eight goals related to contributing factors. Each goal has a performance measure to help gauge progress, and intermediate goals to describe the smaller steps needed to achieve the strategic goal. The council thinks these are important construction topics where research and combined industry efforts are needed over the decade.

Comments are always welcome; they will be considered in future updates of this agenda. Offers from individuals and organizations to help accomplish the goals through partnerships are of particular interest to the Council. You may submit correspondence by email to

National Construction Agenda – October 2008Cdc-pdf [PDF – 884 KB]

A Mid-Decade ReviewCdc-pdf supplement to the National Construction Agenda is also available.

Contact the NORA Coordinator if you have any questions:

Sidney C. Soderholm, PhD
NORA Coordinator

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