Your Privacy

Your Privacy

Protecting Your Privacy 

If you choose to participate in the National Health Interview Survey (NHIS), protecting your privacy will always be a top priority for the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), the survey’s managing agency.

NCHS is bound by law to protect your data, following rigorous privacy standards that have protected every NHIS participant since the first survey in 1957. All survey responses are immediately encrypted, with your data stored entirely on secure servers that cannot be accessed through the Internet.

NCHS’ highly trained staff also take the following steps to make sure your information is always confidential and protected:


NCHS combines your data with information from thousands of other survey participants. Combined data are then carefully reviewed to ensure that no information can be linked back to you or any other person or family.

These steps allow NCHS to make important health generalizations about people living in America that are grounded in real-life experiences from survey participants like you. This approach tells us much about the landscape of the nation’s health. For example, because of NHIS, we know that persons without a high school diploma are less likely to have health insurance, men are more likely to smoke than women, obesity is highest among middle-aged adults, and more.

This knowledge is powerful because it raises awareness about needs in health care, including potential aims for research, public policy, and resources.

NHIS has been operating nationally for more than 60 years, and protecting your information and privacy continues to be essential to this survey. The information you provide will only be used for statistical purposes.

For the reasons described here and many more, your confidential participation is incredibly valuable.