About the National Health Interview Survey

About the National Health Interview Survey

The National Health Interview Survey (NHIS), conducted by the National Center for Health Statistics, depends on successful participation from people like you. NHIS is the nation’s largest and oldest household survey. By taking part, you will be supplying the nation with a variety of useful information—meaningful data on public health topics including health insurance, access to affordable medical care, health conditions and diseases, mental health, tobacco usage, and more.

NHIS has been monitoring the nation’s health since 1957. People use NHIS data to learn about Americans’ access to health care, the quality of their health care, and how well the health care system meets people’s needs. Local, state, and federal agencies trust and rely on NHIS data to guide health policy and make sound spending choices.

By taking part in this survey, your information will be safeguarded and combined with thousands of other survey responses. Together, you will help tell the story of our nation’s health.

Page last reviewed: September 3, 2020