Why Participate?

Why Participate?

The National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) monitors the health of persons, groups, and our nation as a whole by collecting information about important health topics, like medical conditions, health insurance, doctor’s office visits, physical activity, and health behaviors—issues that affect everyone.

By participating in NHIS, you can make a real difference in the lives of every person living in the United States. Your participation will also help your family and other communities across the nation, especially where the need is greatest.


Your responses are always confidential, and they raise awareness about medical and social problems, inspire new research, and help decide how to best use available funding and personnel to close gaps and end disparities.

Participating in NHIS allows you to influence these extraordinary changes in about 1 hour—the average time it takes for most people to complete this survey.

Stephen Blumberg

If you choose not to participate, NHIS cannot simply choose somebody else in your place, because participants are randomly selected using a scientific method—so there is risk that households like yours may be underrepresented.

For these and many other reasons, your participation is invaluable, especially for people like you and families like yours across the nation.

You have the chance to serve an important role in helping our nation understand what you and your community face today in preparing for the future.

Visit the FAQs page for answers to common questions, or contact us for answers to specific questions.

A Healthier America Begins with You.