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Contact NHIS

To schedule an appointment for an interview or to contact the U.S. Census Bureau, call the number on the letter you received or the number provided by the Census Bureau field representative who visited your home. If you did not receive a letter, you can find the number to call below:

  • To verify that the NHIS survey is administered by the U.S. Census Bureau, click here.
  • To verify that your address was selected for this survey, you can contact your Census Bureau Regional Office .
  • To confirm that the person who called or visited you works for the U.S. Census Bureau, visit: Census Bureau Staff Search.
  • For questions about your rights as a survey participant, contact the NCHS Ethics Review Board at 1–800–223–8118.
  • For questions about NHIS, including its purpose, health topics, and reports, e-mail nhis@cdc.gov or call 301–458–4001.