National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey

1999-2001 Measuring Guides

Model Name: Household Spoons, Measuring Cups, and Measuring Spoons (SP1-SP2; C1-C4; S1-S4)

Household spoons, measuring cups, and measuring spoons

Product Information
Model Manufacturer Product No.
MUG Carlisle FoodService Products BSH32_A


Model Rim Capacity (oz)
SP1 1 1/2 tsp
SP2 1 tsp
Model Rim Capacity (oz)
C1 1/4 c
C2 1/3 c
C3 1/2 c
C4 1 c
Model Rim Capacity (oz)
S1 1 tbsp
S2 1 tsp
S3 1/2 tsp
S4 1/4 tsp

The household spoons are used to help estimate the volume of liquid foods such as soup, and solid foods such as baby cereal.

The measuring cups and measuring spoons are used to help estimate the volume of liquid, solid, and semisolid foods. For example, these cups would be used to measure liquids such as juice or milk, solids such as potato salad or corn chips, and semisolids such as ice cream and pudding.

It is important to document the form of the food (e.g., sliced, chopped, or shredded) when using these models to quantify the volume of solid foods.

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