National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey

1999-2001 Measuring Guides

Model Name: Glasses (G1-G5)

glasses graphic

Product Information
Model Manufacturer Product No.
G1 Carlisle FoodService Products 5501
G2 5506
G3 5212
G4 5216
G5 5532


Model Rim Capacity (oz) Level Volume (oz)
G1 5 4
G2 9 8
G3 12 11
G4 16 15
G5 32 28

The glasses are used to estimate the volume of liquids such as beverages. The respondent may also choose these models to estimate the portion of solid foods.

When the glasses are used, the amounts reported should be within the rim capacity of the model. If the respondent reports an amount that is protruding from the top, he/she will be instructed to estimate using another model.