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Miami, Florida - Healthy Start

Objective: Measure any change in the health status of families living in the Healthy Housing pilot project homes identified through Healthy Start. Also to develop an evaluation method for application to any of the various client-identification partners, designed to continuously assess and compare home outcomes in clients identified by and enrolled through the partners.

View the 2009 Miami, Florida - Healthy Start Logic Model

Abstract: The Miami-Dade County Health Department (MD CHD) created the evaluation plan outlined in this report for the Healthy Homes pilot program. The program will run from March through June 2009. The pilot, which targets Healthy Start client homes, aims to include approximately 50 homes from high-risk ZIP codes where Healthy Start nurses operate. As outlined in the Healthy Homes protocol, the goal of the program is for families in Miami-Dade to become aware of indoor environmental health hazards and know how to obtain community resources to create and maintain healthy and safe homes. We accordingly defined the evaluation program’s objective to allow for a measurable change in the health status of the pilot project homes. We sought to create a logical, realistic, and executable plan to provide the MD CHD staff with a set of measurable results to assess the success of the pilot program and to determine any adjustments and improvements before launching the full program. The logic model includes the objective, inputs, activities, outputs, and outcomes for evaluation, as well as the indicators recommended for both the process and the outcomes.

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