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Fentanyl Analog Screening Kit and Emergent Panels (FAS, FAS V1-V4 Kits)

The FAS Kit and its four additional emergent panels  contain reference materials that support laboratory screening for 250 synthetic opioids, including over 210 fentanyl analogs.

These materials are distributed by Cayman Chemical, an ISO-accredited reference material producer, to labs located in the US and its territories. Labs eligible to apply for the FAS Kit and its emergent panels must have a valid DEA controlled substance registration for Schedule I controlled substances.

Traceable Opioid Material® Kits are reference materials and do not eliminate the need to meet analytical method requirements of other federal agencies or the need to comply with state and local regulations. Traceable Opioid Material® Kits are not for diagnostic use.

Compounds in the FAS Kit and Emergent Panels

Additional Product Information

  • Includes 200 micrograms of each compound
  • Provides largest collection of available fentanyl analog reference materials
  • Improves immunoassay and mass spectrometry screening methods
  • Includes structural variability for fentanyl analog cross-reactivity and method validation

Safety Data Sheets, Certificates of Analyses, and Other Product-Specific Documents

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