Gathering Information

Pile of pamphlets

"My dining room table was piled with pamphlets and books. My advice? Ask all of the people you meet for information. There is a lot out there." ~ Chris

As you go through the decision-making process, you will be gathering information to learn more about options for your child. From what you already know you might be ready to start making some decisions.

However, many families will want to learn more about their options. In fact, you will probably continue to gather information as your child grows, your family changes, and the choices of options and what professionals recommend changes over the years.

Think of gathering information as a journey.

Good places to start include:

  • Professionals.
  • Support networks.
  • Adults who are deaf and hard-of-hearing.
  • Other parents.
  • Spending time with children who are deaf or hard-of-hearing and their families.
  • Reading information on the Internet, books, pamphlets, and brochures.

Never forget — you make the final decision on what is right for your child.