Family Support Services

Baby with family

"I am grateful for all the wonderful people out there who work with our famiy and our child." ~ Jim

For many parents, their baby’s hearing loss is unexpected. Many parents need time and support to adapt not only to having a new family member but also to the baby’s hearing loss.

Parents of children with recently identified hearing loss can seek different kinds of support. Family support is anything that helps a family. This help may include advice, information, having the chance to get to know other parents that have a child with hearing loss, finding childcare or transportation, giving parents time for personal relaxation or just a supportive listener.

Other Parents

Many families find it helpful to meet and talk with other families that have older children with hearing loss. In some states there are parent-to-parent support groups that help match parents with other parents for support. There are also national support groups available. Ask your professional team about these resources in your community.

Faith Based

Sometimes families get support from their clergy or other members of the faith-based group to which they belong.

The Team

Another important place to find support is from the members of the child’s team of professionals. The members themselves can provide help, or refer a parent to a counselor or a social worker to talk about personal, financial, family, or marriage issues.

Families find support in many ways. Other types of support might include friendships with deaf or hard-of-hearing adults, community resources, their own families, and others. Each family is unique. Therefore families can build supports that work for them.