CRS Plus and TLC Plus

At a glance

CRS Plus is the main central registry database program, and TLC Plus is an automated tumor linkage and consolidation function.


CRS Plus and TLC Plus are unavailable for download. CDC-funded central cancer registries should contact their CDC program consultant to obtain these programs.

Clients should not make any changes (additions, modifications, deletions) to the database schema objects without written approval from CDC. This includes adding triggers, since they can cause performance issues and errors that are hard to trace. If you want to change the database tables, please contact

CRS Plus

CRS Plus is the main central registry database program. CRS Plus:

  • Supports the linkage of incoming abstracts against the existing database, with software-assisted consolidation into patient and tumor tables.
  • Provides automated processing of duplicate and modification records.
  • Allows side-by-side displays and automated comparisons of incoming and stored data.
  • Updates the tracking system with processing milestones for each abstract.
  • Provides management reports.
  • Exports records in North American Association of Central Cancer Registries (NAACCR) format.
  • Automates preparation of files for national calls for data. Program and database script files are distributed as specifications for these extracts are released.

TLC Plus

TLC Plus is an optional, rules-based, automated tumor linkage and consolidation function for CRS Plus that:

  • Determines multiple primary tumors automatically.
  • Consolidates data items from multiple case reports into tumor records.
  • Must be used in conjunction with CRS; it cannot be used as a stand-alone module.
  • Offers user-customizable consolidation rules.