Funded Injury Control Research Centers (ICRCs)

Emory University

David Wright, MD
Vice Chair for Research
Director, Emergency Neurosciences
Department of Emergency Medicine
Emory University School of Medicine
FOB Suite 126
49 Jesse Hill Jr. Drive
Atlanta, GA 30303
Phone: 404-778-1709
Fax: 404-778-1604


The Emory Center for Injury Control’s mission is to build the field of injury prevention and reduce injuries in Georgia by facilitating collaborations, supporting innovative research, training practitioners and researchers, and strengthening the bridge between science and practice.

The ECIC is a collaborative, multi-institution research center aimed at reducing the burden of violence and unintentional injuries. Although housed in Emory University’s School of Medicine, it is truly a ‘center without walls or silos’, comprised of diverse professionals and disciplines from Emory University, multiple other state universities, public agencies, private organizations, and community stakeholders. The result is a comprehensive approach to reducing the incidence of injury and violence. The Center has also been designated an official “Collaborating Center” for injury control, violence prevention, and emergency health services by the Pan American and World Health Organizations since 1995.

The ECIC organizes its work and programs into three primary programmatic areas: research; education and training; and community outreach. Each activity area has leadership, a structured committee, and programs in place to address the needs of practitioners, researchers, and students.