Extramural Research

Key points

Extramural Research Program Operations (ERPO) is the focal point for the development, peer review, and post-award management of extramural research awards for the CDC Injury Center and the National Center for Environmental Health/Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry. ERPO ensures extramural research portfolios are designed for maximum public health impact.

The research funding life cycle

Extramural Research Program Operations Life Cycle
ERPO develops, plans, coordinates, implements, monitors, and evaluates extramural research.

ERPO Life Cycle

Applying for funding

What grantees need to know‎

Learn more about the extramural application process and requirements, view resources, and check out FAQs.

Research funding opportunities‎

The Injury Center offers grants to assist other health-related and research organizations that contribute to our mission through health information dissemination, prevention, and research.

Extramural research portfolio