Funded Programs and Activities

Key points

  • Injuries and violence are the leading causes of death for Americans between the ages of one and 45.
  • The Injury Center funds programs to protect youth, prevent urgent threats, and promote healthy relationships.
  • The Injury Center tracks trends in injury and violence and funds programs with communities and health departments.
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  • 66 jurisdictions are advancing opioid overdose surveillance to inform prevention and response efforts.
  • 22 jurisdictions are addressing the impact of COVID-19 on suicide and adverse childhood experiences.
  • 52 jurisdictions are collecting data on violent deaths to understand and prevent them.

Strategic plan

CDC Funding & Technical Expertise, Health Departments, Academic Institutions, other partners, Injury & Violence Free Communities
The Injury Center provides funding and technical expertise to research partners.


Protecting youth

Preventing suicide

Preventing overdose

  • The Drug-Free Communities support program is the nation's leading effort to mobilize communities to prevent and reduce substance use among youth.
  • Overdose Data to Action supports jurisdictions in collecting high quality, comprehensive, and timely data on nonfatal and fatal overdoses and in using those data to inform prevention and response efforts.
  • CDC builds Partnerships Between Public Health and Public Safety through public health and public safety collaborations to strengthen and improve efforts to reduce drug overdoses.

Promoting healthy relationships

Surveillance programs

Cross-cutting prevention programs