Infection Prevention and Control Training for Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare professionals (HCPs) are the first line of defense against healthcare-associated infections (HAI) and the cross-transmission of germs in healthcare settings. These trainings will empower HCPs to better identify and mitigate HAI risks and occupational exposures.

Let’s Talk Patient Safety: Reducing HAI Transmission Risk
  • Module 1: “What’s the Risk?”
    In this interactive scenario, HCPs must identify infection risks and take action to protect patients, colleagues, and visitors.
  • Module 2: “Chain of Infection”
    This story-based interactive module challenges professionals to break the chain of infection in a busy healthcare environment and educates them on the consequences of not following infection prevention and control recommendations.

Topic: Infection prevention and control in healthcare

Audience: administrators, advanced practice nurses, licensed practical/vocational nurses, medical assistants, other health educators, registered nurses, and any healthcare professionals involved in patient care


Course link:  Let’s Talk Patient Safety: Reducing HAI Transmission Risk

Continuing Education Information:  

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  3. On the “Participant Services” page, select “Search and Register.”
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