What Are You Importing?


CDC has regulatory authority over several types of imported items.

If you are importing infectious biological agents, infectious substances, and vectors of human disease into the United States, please visit the CDC Import Permit Program (IPP) site.

If you are importing biological agents and toxins that could pose a severe threat to public health and safety (select agents), please visit the Federal Select Agent ProgramExternalExternal site.

The Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Import ProgramExternalExternalregulates the importation of most other items.

About Animal Importation

Each day millions of animals and animal products are brought into the United States, increasing the potential for the introduction of infectious diseases. CDC works with other federal agencies to protect US borders against diseases carried by animals and animal products.

CDC’s current regulations govern the importation of pet dogs and cats, African rodents, turtles, monkeys, and civets, as well any product made from parts of these animals. Other animals or animal products may also be prohibited if they are known to be a risk to human health.

Internet Adoption Scams Involving Imported Pets


The CDC has learned that Internet scammers are falsely representing themselves as CDC employees in e-mails to U.S. citizens.