Letter of Intent (LOI)

CDC urges you to complete an LOI for the Demonstration Project only prior to the submission of your application. The purpose of this letter is to inform CDC that your health department is interested in applying for funding for a Demonstration Project. Although a letter of intent is not required, it is highly recommended because this information will assist CDC to estimate the number of and plan for the review process.

Applicants are permitted to submit one proposal for a single focus area.

The LOI should be submitted on letter head and include the following information:

  • Number and title of this funding opportunity
  • Descriptive title of proposed project
  • Focus area that the project will address
  • Name, address and telephone number of the Principal Investigator/Project Director
  • Participating institutions
  • Maximum number of pages: 1
  • Font size: 12-point unreduced, Times New Roman
  • Single spaced
  • Paper size: 8.5 by 11 inches
  • Page margin size: one inch
  • Printed only on one side of page
  • Written in plain language, avoiding jargon

Due Date for Letter of Intent (LOI): 07/11/2017

Letter of Intent (LOI) is recommended for the Demonstration Projects only, but not required.

Completed LOI must be sent via email to HDFOA@CDC.gov.

Addressed to:

Arthur Lusby, Lead Grants Management Specialist
Department of Health and Human Services
CDC Office of Grants Services
2920 Brandywine Road, MS E-15
Atlanta, GA 30341
Telephone: (770) 488-2865
Email: ALusby@cdc.gov

Note: An email acknowledging receipt of your LOI submission will be forwarded to the potential applicant.