After You Apply

Application Submission

Applicants should submit one single application with separate sections for the core program and demonstration project (if applicable). The application must include complete, stand-alone sections (e.g. project abstract, narrative, budget and budget justification) for each requested funding program (core and demonstration project) so that each request for a funding program can be identified and provided to the respective review panel.  Each detailed budget and narrative justification should support the activities for the first year of funding in response to this FOA and a summary narrative for the entire project period.

Application Review Information

Applications will be reviewed for completeness. Incomplete applications and applications that are non-responsive to the eligibility criteria will not advance through the review process. Applicants will be notified if the application did not meet submission requirements.  All eligible and technically acceptable applications will be funded for the core HIV program.  For demonstration projects, all applications deemed eligible and technically acceptable by the review panel will be funded in order of score and rank, availability of funds, geographic diversity, and relevance to DHAP program priorities.

Notice of Award (NoA)

Successful applicants will receive a Notice of Award (NoA) from the CDC Office of Grants Services (OGS). The NoA shall be the only binding, authorizing document between the recipient and CDC.  The NoA will be signed by an authorized Grants Management Officer and emailed to the principle investigator (PI) and a hard copy mailed to the recipient fiscal officer identified in the application.

Any application awarded in response to this FOA will be subject to the DUNS, CCR Registration and Transparency Act requirements.