Module 3: Social Media Planning

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In this Module:

  • Guidance on using social media effectively
  • Ways to make using social media easier

Using Social Media (i.e., Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)

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Creating and maintaining a social media presence can seem daunting at first, but with a little planning, you can build a following and share valuable information with your community.

Use the Social Media Best Practices Checklist as a guide to help you plan for using social media and creating effective content. It will also help you define your social media goals, identify your audience(s), and develop content to continuously grow your followers.

Use the Social Media Cheat Sheet [PDF – 1 MB] to help create your social media posts and build your Social Media Calendar [DOC – 66 KB], which will make using social media easier.

The National Observances Calendar [PDF – 60 KB] can help you plan your social media posts around relevant education or health observances like Teen Health Week; linkages like these can boost the effectiveness and reach of your posts.

Resources for Download:

To start planning and writing social media posts, you can find sample posts and images in Module 4: Sample Social Media Post and Graphics. You also can access this online version of the national observances calendar.