Module 1: Communication Planning

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In this Module:

  • How a communication plan can help with program implementation
  • How to develop a communication plan, including a fillable template
  • How to use plain language to develop effective communication materials

Communication Plan

Communication is key to implementing school-based HIV/STD prevention strategies that include sexual health education (SHE), sexual health services (SHS), and safe and supportive environments (SSE).

Take some time to think about how communication can help support your program implementation:

  • What do you want to achieve across SHE, SHS, and SSE, and how can communication support your efforts?
  • What district-level or school-level activities will you conduct to:
    • strengthen staff capacity,
    • increase student access to programs and services, and
    • engage parent and community partners?

Communication planning can help you implement these activities.

Capturing the answers to these questions, and more, in a communication plan will help you define your communication goals. A communication plan also will provide you with an overall communication strategy that can support your program implementation and bring it to full capacity.

The elements of a communication plan include:

bullseye pointer icon Goals

What you want to achieve

users solid icon Audience

Who you want to reach

comments alt solid icon Messages

What information you want to communicate to your audience

database solid icon Methods/Tactics

What you are going to do

calendar check solid icon Timeline

How you get everything done and who is responsible

money bill solid icon Budget

How much your communication activities cost

chart line solid icon Evaluation

How you determine if you are successful

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Use the Communication Plan template word icon[DOC – 140 KB] to develop a communication strategy to support your program implementation.

The template has prompts to guide you through defining some of the elements listed above.

Think about:

  • What you want to achieve across the SHE, SHS, and SSE strategies
  • What district-level or school-level activities you will conduct within the overarching domains to:
  • Strengthen staff capacity
  • Increase student access to programs and services
  • Engage parent and community partners

The template has prompts to guide you through defining each element of your communication plan.

Download the templateword icon

Developing Effective Communication Materials

Your communication plan will need to include materials specifically developed for your audience(s). Module 2: Communication Templates and Module 4: Sample Social Media Post and Graphics include templates content, and graphics that you can use to develop and customize your materials

Following the checklist will help you to write for your audience(s) to make your materials more effective.

Health Literacy Best Practices Checklist