Funded Local Education Agencies

The following local education agencies receive funding from CDC’s Division of Adolescent and School Health for school-based HIV/STD prevention and school-based surveillance.

School-based HIV Prevention

CDC funding is used to work with schools to implement school-based programs and practices designed to reduce HIV and other STDs among adolescents, including strengthening sexual health education (SHE), increasing adolescent access to key sexual health services (SHS), and establishing safe and supportive environments (SSE) for students.

School-based Surveillance

CDC funding is used to conduct school-based surveillance on youth risk behaviors and school health policies and practices.

School-based Activities During COVID-19 Pandemic

CDC funding is used to support return to school activities post COVID-19 closures, including mitigating the impact of disruptions related to COVID-19 within schools and enhancing mental health support and linkages to health services for students.

Agency contact information and program descriptions

Albuquerque Public Schools currently reaches approximately 42,000 middle and high school students to focus on implementation of the following activities to reduce HIV and other STDs:

  • Develop lessons for middle and high school health education classes to ensure that quality sexual health education is based on best-practices, aligned to the district’s scope and sequence as well as the National Sexuality Education Standards, and is consistent across the district.
  • Create student-led marketing campaigns to help students understand services offered, how to access services, and increase access to school-based health centers.
  • Collaborate with partners to implement the district’s Safe Zone program, which trains staff to provide a welcoming, supportive and safe environment for LGBTQ youth. Every middle and high school has a designated coordinator who receives annual training and technical assistance.
  • CDC has provided additional funding and resources to local education agencies (LEAs) to reduce the impact of COVID-19. LEAs are expected to strengthen staff capacity, increase student and family access to mental health programs and services, and enhance safe, supportive school environments by expanding social-emotional learning for students.

Albuquerque, NM

Albuquerque, NM