Abu Obeida Eltayeb: STOP Program Testimonial

Updated April 26, 2022

Abu Obeida Eltayeb

Credit: CDC/Williams

Before STOP, Mr. Eltayeb (STOP 20 and 22) was working for the Federal Government of Sudan. Post STOP, Mr. Eltayeb was able to continue working with immunizations with WHO. Currently Mr. Eltayeb is the focal point for the East Asia and Pacific Regional Office of UNICEF where he continues to work in the field of immunizations.

“I had the opportunity to join STOP team 20 and 22. It was a very inspiring experience for me and I have learned a lot from those two assignments as a young public health professional at that time. Since then, my career has progressed quite positively. My STOP team assignment is really something I feel proud about and am grateful to the CDC for the opportunity to join this wonderful community of immunization and be part of it.

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