Safer Food Choices for Adults 65 Years or Older

At a glance

Learn what foods and beverages adults over age 65 should avoid consuming and which foods and beverages are safer options.

Diverse groups of older adults

Why it's important

Older adults have a higher risk of getting sick from food poisoning and having a more serious illness.

To prevent food poisoning, some foods are safer choices than others. That's because some foods—such as undercooked meat and eggs, unwashed fruits and vegetables, and unpasteurized milk—are more often associated with foodborne illnesses. Use the table below as a guide to safer food choices.

Safer food choices for adults over age 65

Preventing food poisoning

Always follow the four steps to food safety—clean, separate, cook, and chill—to protect yourself from food poisoning.

Learn about current foodborne outbreaks and the foods linked to them.