CDC’s Flu Division by the Numbers

Updated December 2, 2020

Flu Divison by numbers

CDC’s Flu Division by the Numbers (Text Version)

2,500+ web pages and posted documents with information for clinicians, businesses, public health partners and the public

1,000,000+ patient specimens tested each year in clinical labs participating in CDC domestic disease surveillance

3,100+ healthcare providers across the U.S. report to CDC weekly the number of patients seen for any reason and the number of those patients with influenza-like-illness

42 countries supported with bilateral cooperative agreements for influenza surveillance

550+ influenza-related calls and emails to CDC INFO answered*

Up to 50 viruses prepared for possible use in vaccine production annually

3,500,000 COVID-19 tests made possible through Influenza Division’s International Reagent Resource

220 Influenza Division authored publications supporting advancement in flu prevention, detection, and control*

In the last 10 years, flu vaccine prevented:

50,900,000 flu illnesses

719,000 flu hospitalizations

60,000 flu deaths

*During September 1, 2019—May 31, 2020

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