Preventing Fleas on Your Pets

Dogs and cats are very susceptible to fleas, but they can be protected. To prevent fleas on your pet:

  • Limit the amount of time your pet spends outdoors.
  • Limit contact with wild and stray animals.
  • Bathe and brush pets regularly.
  • Check for fleas regularly.
  • Fleas prefer warmer and more humid months, but if there is an animal to feed on, fleas can survive year-round.
  • Talk to your veterinarian about flea control products that are right for your pet.
    • Treat pets for fleas year-round in order to kill adult fleas and prevent new ones from hatching.
    • Always follow product instructions.
  • If you find a flea on your pet or in your home, learn how to get rid of fleas right away to avoid further infestation.

Note–September 21, 2018: FDA Fact Sheet for Pet Owners and Veterinariansexternal icon about Potential Adverse Events Associated with Isoxazoline Flea and Tick Products. For additional information, please talk to your veterinarian.

Illustration of a dog showing where to check for ticks: Neck and around the collar, groin and belly, back of rear legs, and around the tail.