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Host Site Application Process

EEP program staff use a matching algorithm to align host site needs with student applicants’ expressed preferences for topic areas, project type, geographical location, and availability. Use the following process to prepare and submit your host site application.

  1. Be prepared to provide your host site details, such as primary and secondary supervisor names with contacts and host site location.
  2. Decide your preferences for rotation details, including set 2025 rotation dates; if you prefer a medical or veterinary student or either; if you prefer the student to work in-person, remotely, or hybrid (e.g., 3 weeks in person, 3 weeks remotely); and if you prefer the student to have any special language or statistical software skills (note it is not guaranteed you will be matched with a student with the preferred skill).
  3. Prepare a short statement about the mission, goals, and focus of the work where the position is based.
  4. Create a 1 or 2 sentence summary statement (i.e., rotation title) for the position that can be shared with finalists. The rotation title should include information of the types of projects that may be available and the public health topic area (e.g., Assisting with projects related to measles surveillance and vaccination, possibly including conducting a literature review and developing a factsheet).
  5. Be prepared to answer questions about subject areas covered (e.g., heart disease and stroke prevention, Foodborne Disease, Violence Prevention, One Health and Zoonotic Disease) and the types of projects student will likely be assisting with (e.g., data analysis, intervention/program evaluation, scientific writing).
  6. Submit your application through the host site application portal by 11:59 PM ET of the application deadline.
    1. The application takes 5–10 minutes to complete.
    2. Specific project activities are not needed until one month prior to the student’s start date.
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