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Alumni Testimonials

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Gain Diverse Field Experience
Maria Nemethy

“The knowledge, skills, and experience I gained at a state and county level during EEP will aid my pursuit of a public practice veterinary career. I know more about disease surveillance, gathering data, and scientific writing. I also learned important cultural competency skills through assisting in preventative veterinary and One Health endeavors among Native American populations. These field experiences will help me better serve many communities in the future.”

Rozalyn Donner, DVM
Midwestern University
Epidemiology Elective Program Alumna

Apply a Systematic Approach to Public Health
Jesal Shah

“I plan to utilize my understanding of the public health system to collaborate with various public health and policy stakeholders, in order to address health inequities domestically and abroad as a clinician. Additionally, my experiences in EEP have further fine-tuned my understanding of policy and advocacy. I hope to better incorporate these skills in my future career.”

Jesal Shah, MD
Baylor College of Medicine
Epidemiology Elective Program Alumna

Contribute to Today’s Public Health
Two EIS officers holding surveys on clipboards

“My Epidemiology Elective at CDC was an enriching, diverse, and enjoyable experience. I spent the majority of my time in Atlanta, helping to research and write a report on the delivery of asthma care. I also had the chance to travel to Alaska to assist with an Epi-Aid outbreak investigation of group A strep among the homeless population. During my assignment, I was able to work alongside a variety of public health experts who were dedicated to public service and mentorship. It was an inspiring introduction to the world of applied epidemiology.”

Matthew Blum, MD
Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine
Epidemiology Elective Program Alumnus

Respond to Outbreaks
Fellows meeting around table

“I have come away from this rotation more confident in assembling task forces and being agile in response to emergent or sudden situational changes. I have learned even more about the importance of being a team player. I felt very inspired by the people I was able to work alongside. They were inclusive and valued the fact that I loved learning and took me under their wings.”

Diana Chen, MD, MBA
Michigan State University
Epidemiology Elective Program Alumna

Explore Interests and Gain Experience
Dr. Jesse Whitfield in hazmat suit

“For the first time ever, EEP helped me to explore and evaluate topics I’m most passionate about and to fully utilize my background knowledge in agriculture, animal health, and zoonotic diseases. My newfound skills and experiences will be valuable influences in my search for a career that I love and allows me to make a difference in public health.”

Jesse Whitfield, DVM, MPH
Purdue University
Epidemiology Elective Program Alum

Be at the Forefront of Outbreak Responses
Dr. Amy Xie working at computer

“Working alongside a CDC medical officer and EIS officer during a coronavirus field investigation enabled me to learn about public health response through first-hand experience. I got to see how decisions are made and how an incident command team is structured. I had the chance to contribute to field investigation information that was published in two Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Reports. I see great value in being a physician with epidemiology training, and will plan to apply to EIS as soon as I am eligible!

Amy Xie, MD
Ohio State University
Epidemiology Elective Program Alumna

Apply a Systematic Approach to Public Health
EEP fellows meeting in boardroom

“I hope to use my EEP experience to help inform how I treat patients clinically. EEP gave me perspective on population-based prevention and managing infectious diseases. I also established various networks while in EEP and plan to maintain connections as I pursue further training.”

Max Cohen, DO
University of New England
Epidemiology Elective Program Alumnus

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