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CDC & FDA Antibiotic Resistance (AR) Isolate Bank

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The CDC and FDA AR Isolate Bank provides information on resistance to support innovation in diagnostics and drug development. CDC provides isolates (pure samples of a germ) to approved institutions. Access the AR Isolate Bank.

“The isolates helped us challenge our diagnostic tests to ensure they can detect a variety of resistance targets,”
-Biotechnology company”

Advancing the Fight against Antibiotic Resistance

Isolate Bank Lab Worker

The AR Isolate Bank shipped more than 2,000 isolate panels as of January 2018.

As of January 2018, the AR Isolate Bank shipped more than 2,000 isolate panels. The AR Isolate Bank helps:

  • Strengthen diagnostics by validating lab tests
  • Inform research and development to
    • develop drugs like antibiotics and antifungals
    • develop diagnostic devices, tests, or assays
    • satisfy a request or support an application to FDA
  • Perform testing to ensure drug effectiveness
  • Study biology and pathogenic mechanisms
  • Detect new and unusual public health resistance threats

This work ultimately improves patient care and builds solutions against resistance threats.

Why the AR Isolate Bank is Unique

CDC has one of the largest collections of isolates gathered from national reference labs and tracking activities, taken from specimens in healthcare, food, and the community, like gonorrhea.

  • Samples are assembled based on public health threats.
  • Isolates are delivered in panels, not piecemeal.
  • It allows researchers to quickly and easily obtain the specific samples they need.
  • It reduces obstacles that may keep companies or researchers from engaging in finding resistance solutions.
  • Samples are accompanied by publically available data to improve efficiencies.
  • It offers a convenient ordering system that increases efficiency.

Order Isolates

Access the AR Isolate Bank to order isolates. Isolates are provided free of charge only to approved institutions, and customers pay for shipping.

Isolates Available from Other Resources

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