Screening, Testing, and Referral

Using Electronic Health Records to Support Diabetes Management and Type 2 Diabetes Prevention

Electronic Health Records (EHRs) can be complicated. Information provided in this webinar will help participants understand the importance of EHRs in supporting type 2 diabetes prevention and diabetes management. Health departments will learn basic information about EHRs and how to support health care providers using EHRs to screen for, diagnose, and manage prediabetes and diabetes. Examples from the field and additional resources are included. This webinar is based on the CDC Guidance Document of the same name.

Increasing Referrals to Diabetes Prevention and Management Programs

A referral from a health care provider can be an important predictor of enrollment in evidence-based prevention and management programs. Webinar participants will learn the benefits of increasing health system referrals to these programs, understand different referral strategies, and identify strategies that increase referrals to chronic disease prevention or management programs such as the National DPP and diabetes self-management education and support.

Strategies to Increase Health System Referrals to Type 2 Diabetes Prevention and Diabetes Management Programs [PDF – 1 MB]
This document describes common health system referral strategies, identifies strategies shown to increase health system referrals to chronic disease programs or preventive services, and provides considerations for implementation for diabetes management or type 2 diabetes prevention programs.

Approaches Taken by State And Local Health Departments to Market the National Diabetes Prevention Program to Populations at Risk and Health Care Providers[PDF – 597 KB]
This document highlights examples from three states and two counties that have done significant work to market the National DPP to populations at risk for type 2 diabetes and/or health care providers.