Increasing Coverage for the National DPP through Public and Private Employers, Commercial Health Plans, and Medicaid

Approaches to Employer Coverage of the National Diabetes Prevention Program for Employees at Risk for Type 2 DiabetesCdc-pdf[PDF – 550 KB]
This document tells the stories of five employers offering the National DPP’s lifestyle change program as a covered health or wellness benefit for their employees and discusses the varied approaches, challenges, and key factors contributing to their success. A table summarizing and comparing the different approaches is provided at the end of the document. This information will be helpful for other employers interested in providing coverage for the National DPP as well as CDC grantees and other organizations that have a stake in scaling and sustaining the program by expanding access to employees nationwide.

Promoting the National Diabetes Prevention Program As a Covered Benefit for State EmployeesCdc-pdf[PDF – 350 KB]
This document describes the recent experiences of three states—Kentucky, Minnesota, and Washington—whose health departments have collaborated with state employee benefit agencies, health plans, CDC-recognized type 2 diabetes prevention programs, and other partners to make the benefits of the National DPP more available to state employees and their families.

National DPP Coverage ToolkitExternal
This online tool can help State Medicaid Agencies, Medicaid managed care organizations, commercial health plans, and employers understand the mechanics of offering the National DPP lifestyle change program as a covered benefit for their beneficiaries/members/employees at high risk for type 2 diabetes.

Page last reviewed: July 23, 2018